Trump dismisses Christie’s candidacy: “he missed his time”

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Donald Trump dished on his GOP primary rivals for The New York Times in a piece published over the weekend, Save Jerseyans, and even if you’re a Christie backer, it’s awfully hard to disagree with the Donald’s assessment:

trumpHe’s a friend of mine but he missed his time. If he would have done it four years ago he would have beaten Romney and he could be president right now. But this is a different time.”

Back then, of course, the Governor had everyone from David Koch and Ken Langone to Henry Kissinger and John Mack committed to supporting him in 2012. Today he’s stuck at 11th place in the latest polls and finding himself forced to defend his A.C. economic record from a reality star-turned-candidate (Trump) who stole the New Jerseyan’s straight-talk playbook right out from under him.

It’s therefore not the least bit surprising that Christie is stepping up his criticism of Trump as of late, concluding that his rival’s immigration plan “makes no sense.”

There quite literally isn’t enough room for both of them.


4 thoughts on “Trump dismisses Christie’s candidacy: “he missed his time”

  1. If “the Donald” is a little nutty, sexist, not PC or any other short coming for better or worse all America knows him. What do they know about Christie? He had an Asthma attack, His Stomach Banded and Bridgegate and he is trying to be everyones friend outside of New Jersey! And as the real Political Players know “Name Recognition” is everything, Everything! Christie’s time is over it is now “the Day of the Donald” and America loves him! Frankly I find him refreshing compared to all the garbage we have had for so long and the Show “The Apprentice” introduced him to the World and has proven his leadership skills over and over!

  2. Christie is one of the pack, including Graham, Kasich, Perry, Bush, whose time has passed. Finish up as governor and go back to the private sector workplace already.

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