N.J. Democrat Senator Reveals Her Governing Philosophy: “Anything is Constitutional”

Every now and then, Save Jerseyans, a far-left politician says something so wacky and revealing that it’s worth pausing to take note for the benefit of everyone in the political center.

They need to know WHO these people are.

Enter Loretta Weinberg, the kooky Teaneck-based state senator and former Democrat candidate for Lieutenant Governor who’s earned every bit of the negative attention she’s gotten over the years from Save Jersey.

Here’s the latest: she’s pushing legislation to compel presidential candidates to disclose their tax returns as a precondition for New Jersey ballot access. It’s headed to a vote today in Trenton. Transparently partisan? Obviously.  It’s also more than a little funny after Rachel Maddow’s epic Trump tax return fail on Tuesday evening.

But it’s what Weinberg told NJ 101.5 about the questionable constitutionality of this legislation that you need to hear

Anything is constitutional until somebody takes it to court.”

Anything is constitutional? If it’s passed by your legislative body, Senator?

That quote should remind you of someone else from political history (who spent his retirement years in Saddle River, not far from Weinberg’s own town):

There you have it, Save Jerseyans.

The Modern Democrat Party in a nutshell.

ANYTHING goes because there are no rules, particularly when said Democrat politician (Weinberg) is trying to appease a voting constituency or inflict political damage on an enemy.

Former Reagan Attorney General Edwin Meese III said it best in a 2009 piece discussing the importance of the U.S. Constitution:

The “consent of the governed” stands in contrast to “the will of the majority,” a view more current in European democracies. The “consent of the governed” describes a situation where the people are self-governing in their communities, religions, and social institutions, and into which the government may intrude only with the people’s consent. There exists between the people and limited government a vast social space in which men and women, in their individual and corporate capacities, may exercise their self-governing liberty. In Europe, the “will of the majority” signals an idea that all decisions are ultimately political and are routed through the government. Thus, limited government is not just a desirable objective; it is the essential bedrock of the American polity.”

The bedrock of our liberty, without which the whole house comes tumbling down.

Constitutions like our own are crafted to provide for a system where everything doesn’t go by design; they’re social contracts set to paper wherein natural rights are protected and government’s power is explicitly limited; the whims of the majority are deliberately checked. Politicians like Loretta Weinberg (who sign off of judicial nominations, lest we forget) are supposed to contemplate whether legislation conforms to both the letter and spirit of the federal and state constitutions before voting. They’re NOT supposed to play god, and pass anything that feels good or feels popular at the time, and then pretend to rely on the judges they appointed as a constitutional backstop.

That’s objectively dangerous and stupid.

That’s a dereliction of duty and a betrayal of said elected officials’ oath of office.

That’s a transparently power hungry and arrogant attitude.

That’s un-American.

That’s Loretta Weinberg and the N.J. Democrat legislative majority.