THE NEXT MONEY GRAB: Democrat Moves to Tax, Regulate New Jersey’s Airbnb Rentals

Taxation is the power to destroy, Save Jerseyans.

The next victim: New Jersey’s growing Airbnb and online rental industry?

It’s part of a building national trend, but two bills are in play right now in Trenton: A4587 would impose taxes and fees on Airbnbs currently imposed on hotels and motels and A4441 which would apply similar regulations on Airbnbs and online rentals. Both have cleared Assembly panels; the first has Airbnb’s support but the second is strongly opposed.

Proponents of the measures like sponsor Assemblywoman Valeri Vaineri Huttle (D-Bergen) insist that all they’re doing is updating the law to address these emerging industries powered by technological changes.

You and I know that the truth is a little more complicated than all that.

(1) We’ll be checking back in with supporters later/after this cycle to see who took money from hotel/motel groups;


(2) We’ve got another bad premise here; why isn’t anyone suggesting the inverse solution, that we level the playing field by slashing onerous/expensive regulations and taxes facing hotels and motels?

I guess destroying something is just so much easier than building everyone up.