REPORT: FBI Takes Its Gilmore Probe to the Ocean County Board of Elections

Wednesday was a tense day at the Ocean County Board of Elections office in Toms River, Save Jerseyans, when the FBI showed up armed with a subpoena seeking records relating to NJGOP powerbroker George Gilmore.

Politico has the full story.

The investigation into Gilmore’s political empire reportedly began as a tax investigation.

Gilmore is an attorney by trade but his position as Ocean County GOP chairman has made him wealthy as well as the de facto dean of the Republican county chairmen’s caucus. Gilmore’s position within the state party is being challenged this year by long-time frenemy Bill Layton, the Burlington County GOP chairman with whom Gilmore splits CD3. Their tug-of-war is clearly visible below the surface this cycle since Gilmore is Kim Guadagno‘s patron (showing up at many of her recent county committee appearances) and Layton is backing her opponent for the gubernatorial nomination, Jack Ciattarelli.

If Gilmore hypothetically “went down” under the weight of this investigation?

The news would have significant consequences for New Jersey politics and, depending upon the timing, this year’s gubernatorial primary. Notably, Gilmore has abstained from personally, formally endorsing Guadagno despite his frequent committee appearances whipping support on her behalf.