For Second Time, Bergen Prosecutor Declines to Pursue Christie in Court

Twice, a Bergen County Judge attempted to breathe life into a citizen’s criminal complaint lodged against Chris Christie.

Now, twice, the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office is declining to pursue the charges, effectively killing the criminal proceedings in their tracks.

Brian Murray, Press Secretary for Governor Chris Christie, issued the following statement after the Thursday announcement:

This factually and legally baseless complaint, initiated by a Democratic candidate for Governor with a long history of abusing the legal system, would never have moved beyond the first hearing if not for a lack of courage, wisdom and ethics on the part of the municipal court. Today, in dismissing this absurd complaint, the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office has reiterated what is the result of now four separate investigations–the Governor had absolutely no role in the incident at the George Washington Bridge. All those who wish it were otherwise have again been proven wrong.”