Beck Warns Legislature Against Christie’s Reckless Plan to Raid Horizon’s Surplus

Governor Chris Christie‘s plan to raid Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey’s surplus (to the tune of $300 million!) to fund low income residents’ health insurance (part of his opioid crusade) is meeting stiff resistance under the dome, Save Jerseyans.

A familiar Christie critic from the GOP side of the aisle spoke out in the aftermath of Thursday’s Senate Budget & Appropriations Committee hearing that examined the Horizon plan-related items in the proposed FY18 state budget.

“If there is ever a surplus that is in excess of what is appropriate to cover claims and ensure Horizon’s solvency, it should be returned to the subscribers who paid the premiums. That’s the only fair thing to do,” state Senator Jennifer Beck (R-11) declared.

She’s got plenty of company on the right.

“He has proposed a plan to combat opioid abuse that doesn’t make sense,” Forbes wrote last Thursday over at “He has been given bad advice. He needs to hit the reset button and come up with a strategy that will fix this serious problem without creating more problems.”