TOWN HALL: MacArthur Will Rep His Obamacare Replacement Amendment in Democratic Willingboro

As a town that’s 62% Democrat and 73% black, Save Jerseyans, the Burlington County suburb of Willingboro isn’t exactly a natural place to hold a Republican congressman’s town hall meeting.

Tom MacArthur (R, NJ-03) is going anyway.

MacArthur mixes it up with protesters (Feb. 24, 2017)

On May 10th, the second term South Jersey Congressman who’s found national prominence through Washington’s health care debate and, currently, is pressing an Obamacare replacement amendment, will address the concerns of Willingboro residents and rep his ‘MacArthur Amendment’ which, according to published reports, has won over the House’s Freedom Caucus.

“Throughout my time in Congress, being accessible to my constituents has always been a top priority. Crisscrossing this district in my pickup truck for the past several years has led me to some incredible places with the people who have sent me to Washington to represent them,” said Congressman MacArthur in a statement. “This is the second open public forum I’ve held in the past year in Willingboro, where I barely got 10% of the vote. I am looking forward to visiting Willingboro again to discuss the issues of critical importance to the community.”

This isn’t MacArthur’s first foray into less-than-natural territory for a right-of-center GOP’er; MacArthur mixed it up with protesters and even dropped by a local Democrat club meeting during the AHCA debate.

The Congressman worked in the insurance industry prior to his ascension to high office, serving as chairman and chief executive officer of York Risk Services Group for over a decade.