DUH! Feds Proclaim PennEast Pipeline’s ‘Limited’ Anticipated Impact

Despite the best efforts of enviroMENTALists to convince voters that the PennEast Pipeline project will end civilization as we know it in Central New Jersey, Save Jerseyans, we have more evidence that that’s not going to happen.

On Friday, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission released its extensive final environmental impact study for the planned 120-mile natural gas pipeline which would extend from rural Pennsylvania (Luzerne County) to Mercer County.

“We conclude that the cumulative impacts associated with the project, when combined with other known or reasonably foreseeable projects, would be effectively limited,” the report concluded.


Click here if you don’t believe me (or them), folks. Natural gas pipelines ARE far safer than other forms of energy delivery AND they’re already everywhere, meaning that if they were TRULY evil, awful and dangerous?

We’d all be dead already.

If you’re against this pipeline for some other reason? Like maybe you’re triggered by tubes? So be it. This is a free country.

Or if you’re one of the rich liberals who oppose these pipelines because you’re making yuggggge piles of money off of comparatively dangerous oil and gas rail transportation routes? Got it. #capitalism.

But don’t tell me you’re worried about the environmental impact. There’s NO evidence to back you up, and you don’t get to further arrest our nation’s ability to have a secure, adequate energy infrastructure because of some unsupported tinfoil hat brigade drivel you read on DailyKos.