Phil Murphy Can’t Be Allowed to Govern. Why? Ask A Democrat Who’d Know!

Presumptive Democrat gubernatorial nominee Phil Murphy (D-Goldman Sachs) would be a NIGHTMARE for New Jersey, folks. He’s to the Left of Karl Marx. His ideas for this state would curl a Castro’s hair

If you’re a hard-blue Democrat undeterred by all of that? 

Listen to one of your own – Democrat State Senator Ray Lesniak – whose wacky Leftist bona fides are beyond reproach.

Read what he told his Facebook followers after last week’s gubernatorial debate:

Ray Lesniak

New Jersey has 65,000 foreclosed homes. The most in the nation. Here’s the biggest part of what caused the problem:

Phil Murphy was on the Goldman Management Committee at the time they were selling subprime and near subprime securities that tanked years later. Murphy tries to disassociate himself by saying he wasn’t at Goldman when the financial industry tanked, but he was on the Management Committee when the policies were established.

Goldman paid the SEC $6 billion to offset claims of losses to individuals as a result of their fraudulent activities during the mortgage crisis.”

Now, don’t expect Ray Lesniak and Matt Rooney to agree on much of anything on the economic or regulatory fronts, Save Jerseyans (did I mention that he blocked us on Twitter?) and, notwithstanding Lesniak’s attack, his caucus’s subprime mentality is most of reason why New Jersey is where it is today, but when we BOTH feel compelled to tell you that someone’s dangerous?

Katy bar the door…

Murphy’s the worst kind of liberal, Save Jerseyans: the kind that believes in government power because he believes he’s born to rule and YOU were born to be ruled… by him. And he’ll laugh all the way to bank, like he always has. 

Phil Murphy’s predatory past in the financial sector cost thousands of New Jerseyans’ shots at the American Dream in the early 2000s.

Imagine how many more will lose their futures if he’s given a shot at the reins?

Let’s do our best to avoid finding out, and let’s remind our Democrat friends who should know better (like Senator Lesniak) if they forget by November what they said about Murphy in June.