Down in GA-6, Handel outperforming Trump (!) in win over Ossoff

I can hear the weeping and rending of garments all the way up here in New Jersey, folks!

Republican Karen Handel is the victor in tonight’s Georgia 6th congressional district special contest, Save Jerseyans, a highly-targeted, ad-drenched, nationally-hyped race billed by national Democrats and far-left agitators as a referendum on President Donald Trump.

Karen Handel

They pinned their hopes on Jon Ossoff who, as a friend put it, “is what you get if Will Conway (from House of Cards) and the Obamacare ‘Pajama Boy’ had a baby.”


Not only did Handel win despite being outspent $30,000,000 vs. $4,500,00, but she’s actually outperforming Trump’s 2016 margin as of this writing.

She’s up by slightly more than 5-points with 88% reporting (52.6% to 47.4%).

Then-candidate Trump’s margin was only 1-point last fall (48% to 47%).

So much for the Resistance…