Month: June 2017

UPDATE #2: Trenton fails to avoid N.J. government shutdown

Womp womp. They’re dimming the lights, stacking empty pizza boxes and sending legislative staff home, Save Jerseyans, after Trenton legislators and the Christie Administration failed to compromise on the #HorizonHeist situation to avert New Jersey’s first state government shutdown since Read More

UPDATE: N.J. Legislature “frozen” as clock races to Midnight shutdown deadline

Twenty-eight members of the eighty member state legislature abstained or didn’t vote at all on the third reading of the FY 2018 budget, Save Jerseyans, pushing the Garden State’s dysfunctional state government closer to a shutdown on Friday night. Close Read More

COWARDS: Vulnerable N.J. Dems abstained on #HorizonHeist bill

It’s hard to find someone in Trenton who doesn’t have an opinion on the #HorizonHeist bill, Save Jerseyans, but a few Democrats didn’t bother to take a position at all. Their reasoning didn’t have anything to do with ethical conflicts Read More

As N.J. shutdown looms, national watchdog group vows to probe motives behind #HorizonHeist

Why is this year’s pitched budget battle tied to the #HorizonHeist bill? A national watchdog group weighed in this week, alleging a possible connection between Governor Chris Christie deeply unpopular move to seize Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield’s limited reserves and the head Read More

Looking Back at Our Founding, Have We Lost Sight of Key Principles?

The Founders envisioned and implemented godly principles and values into the blueprint for America — although that fact is often forgotten. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Read More