Here’s Why They’re In The Sorry Shape They’re In

Posted with permission from The Dan Cirucci Blog

For quite some time we’ve been writing here about how the Democrat Party has totally lost its way — how it strayed from a jobs and economy agenda; how it became hostage to radicals; how it submersed itself in identity politics; how it got mired in bitter divisive cultural wars; how it fueled political correctness and effectively suppressed free speech; how it not only alienated but completely rejected the very people who made it a national party.  It’s a long litany.

But if you still need more evidence of this, you need look no further than Cherry Hill, New Jersey — a Philadelphia bedroom community that emerged in the 1960s to reign as the poster child for idealized suburban living. Ideally located, Cherry Hill is the economic hub of South Jersey and its spacious, modern library is the jewel in the crown of a community that has always boasted great schools and a love of learning.

But now, on June 19th, to celebrate “LGBT Pride Month,” the Cherry Hill Public Library is hosting a “Drag Queen Story Time.”

Yes, this is a storybook hour for kids, who will be read to by drag queens in full regalia.

Cherry Hill’s “outreach librarian” explains it this way: “We want to create an atmosphere where children can learn they don’t have to feel afraid, or threatened by, people who look different from them.”


And to those who might be concerned about such a program, the library’s director of special events quips: “It’s just kids getting together with someone who’s dressed up.”

Someone who’s dressed up? Like Halloween? Is that what you’re comparing it to?

Where to begin?

First, the whole idea of drag queens is infinitely (and needlessly) confusing to children. Introducing the notion cross-dressing or transvestitism or gender identity to little children is absurd. Children need to be children. Childhood is precious!

Second, this is obviously part of a socio-political agenda, no matter how it’s packaged or how many sweet nothings its promoters may proclaim as they attempt to make it all sound completely harmless.

Finally, one must ask: Would the library host a children’s event promoting American exceptionalism? Would it host an event explaining the inherent value of life from the moment of conception? What about an event on responsible hunting and the safe use of firearms? How about one on America’s Christian heritage?

We think you know the answer to those questions.

Amelia Hamilton, the noted author of children’s books on America which stress shared values and patriotism suggests the real motive here when she asks: “Why teach children facts when they can learn left-wing talking points instead?”

Why, indeed?

If you want your voice to be heard on this, we suggest you contact Laverne Mann,  Library Director at 856-903-1201 or

Now, what do the Democrats have to do with all this?

Well, this is the liberal Democrat agenda, through and through. These are the priorities that apparently consume current day Democrats. And, it seems that in their eyes, no one is too young to be indoctrinated and no opportunity to advance their leftist agenda can be passed up, ever.

It’s all rad-lib, all the way, all the time (no matter what) and everyone else be damned.

Cherry Hill Township is under solid Democrat control (as is Camden County) and has been for decades. The county Democrat machine is relentless and hugely powerful. The Library Board of Trustees members are appointed by local Democrats.

It never seems to occur to the Left that their tactics are oppressive. But the very people who piously talk about “inclusion and tolerance” are the same ones who are stifling free speech and promoting exclusion at every turn. These are among the most presumptuous, condescending and least tolerant people in our society.

This is why Donald Trump was elected — precisely because of kooky, concocted, propagandistic promotions such as this.

But they just don’t get it.

And maybe they never will.