Op-ed: Trump Right to Leave Behind the Paris Accord

So you’re saying this Paris Accord would have saved the planet?

Please tell me how and why?

All this was was a massive transfer of wealth that would have crushed economic activity and doomed the poorest countries on earth to perpetual underdevelopment and poverty. When you are allowing China and India to nearly double their coal production, while killing the much cleaner coal industry in the US, there is no net movement toward reduced emissions world wide, only a huge exodus of jobs and wealth from the US to other countries. That’s just one example.

The most staunch supporters of this accord admit that if every country met every goal ( never happening) the rosiest outcome would be a .2 degree reduction in temperature. That’s based on the same models that have proven inaccurate again and again over the last twenty years. Hence the name change from global warming to climate change.

The US, without interference or dictates from global organizations, has reduced it’s CO 2 output significantly already. How? By technological advancements like fracking. This has made the US the world’s leading producer, with the world’s largest known reserves, of natural gas. NG burns much cleaner than coal or oil and the abundant supply will make NG a better economic alternative to these dirtier fuels.

If this was such a great plan why didn’t Obama take it to the Senate and the American people and fight for formal ratification as a binding treaty?

Trump was right to make this move and is already calling for new talks that strike the proper balance between a healthy scientific debate of the issue, sensible, long term plans to reduce emissions and protection of the quality of life for today’s citizens of the world.