ONLY IN NEW JERSEY: Democrat Legislator celebrates passage of the budget he voted against

Bob Andrzejczak, a Democrat Assemblyman from New Jersey’s 1st Legislative District (Cape May and most of Cumberland County), isn’t routinely needed by his party to pass legislation that’d be considered distasteful in his rural, conservative-relative-to-N.J.-generally district, so he often gets “a pass” from the powers that be.

Last night’s vote for the bloated FY 2018 budget was no exception. 

Andrzejczak voted “no.”

He then proceeded to celebrate the budget’s passage on Facebook:


It’d ***almost*** be funny if the people of this once-glorious state weren’t getting screwed so badly and regularly by transparently unprincipled politicians like Bob Andrzejczak. But they are, so it’s not.

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