What Do Phil Murphy and Bruce Springsteen Have in Common?

Aside from far-left ideas and a New Jersey zip code?

A shit ton of cash, Save Jerseyans.

Check out this new analysis of Bruce Springsteen’s 2016 earnings from Billboard.com:

Concerts/Touring: $40.9 million

Recording Royalties: $1.4 million

Overall Sales (e.g. merchandise): $804,900

Publishing (he wrote a book): $415,200

Streaming Proceeds: $167,500

Money… Incorporated.

Thank God he’s finally paying his taxes.

Only Beyonce ($62.1 million) and Guns N’ Roses ($42.3 million) fared better.

Frankly, Save Jerseyans, I wish I could afford to be a limousine liberal like the Boss or Phil Murphy (D-Goldman Sachs)! But the inescapable consequences of their ideas are a little to rich for our blood. Purchasing an overpriced “River” tour t-shirt is as close as I’ll ever get.