Guest Op-Ed: Voting for Murphy-Oliver? You qualify as an economic masochist.

I have always liked the The Speaker emerita; despite the antics and outrages of leftists, the personal is not the political, and one does not need to personally despise those who disagree. We have even found common ground on issues like MVC surcharges.

But, alas, Speaker Oliver is emblematic of what ails NJ, and what needs to change.

Does she speak of individual freedom? Of course not. Instead of speaking for all the people, she advocates for “constituency groups”.

She is a classic machine Democrat, holding a “full time” job working for the people of Essex County, yet somehow managing to find the time to serve in the Assembly.

And she has never met the bad idea she couldn’t support, including economy crushing tax hikes focused squarely on Morris County residents; stifling regulations and business-killing mandates; hiking welfare spending; massive new taxpayer-subsidized housing projects; deliberate government racial/sex discrimination; etc.

Put simply, the Murphy-Oliver team would cost Morris County residents hundreds of millions annually.

Notice, again, the conspicuous absence of any concern for taxpayers, especially property taxpayers.

This ticket clearly believes that you can tax, spend, borrow, mandate, and regulate your way to prosperity, that the only problem with NJ is that McGreevey and Corzine didn’t bloat the size, scope, and expense of government enough.

NJ is already dead last in business climate. We’re last or close in taxes. We’re last or close in economic outlook.

But we’re first in Americans vamoosing for freer pastures elsewhere.

Any taxpayer who votes for this ticket qualifies as an economic masochist. You can be sure that Tom Moran will love them.