Author: Michael Patrick Carroll

Former Assemblyman Michael Patrick Carroll (R) represented New Jersey's 25th Legislative District from 1996 to 2020.

OPINION: The Glaring Cognitive Dissonance Plaguing Phil Murphy’s Tax Policies

By Michael Patrick Carroll _ From Hizzonor, boasting about a company relocating to New Jersey: “Governor Murphy Announces Teva Pharmaceuticals to Locate US Headquarters in New Jersey” – The pull quote: “The New Jersey Economic Development Authority (EDA) approved performance-based Read More

New Jersey’s proposed ‘equal pay’ law is legally incomprehensible

By Michael Patrick Carroll _ Whenever a bill passes 105-2 – and YOU are one of the two – a decent respect for the opinions of one’s colleagues – never mind simple modesty – requires one to re-examine whether one Read More

CARROLL: Sweeney’s new corporate surcharge will be paid by real people

By Michael Patrick Carroll _ This is supposed to be a news story, not an op-ed. So, REPORT, don’t opine. There is no way of knowing where revenue from a new tax will go; that’s just cover for leftist politicians Read More

The problem isn’t Phil Murphy’s money but rather what he’ll do with ours

The problem isn’t how Murphy spends his own money. The problem is what he intends to do with ours. We should celebrate the success that permits Phil Murphy to reside in a house the size of a county with a Read More

Murphy says he’ll only tax the rich. History tells a different story.

Wonk time. This is the record made by the parties, assessed by the annual increases in property taxes: 2002 McGreevey 7.0% 2003 McGreevey 7.6% 2004 McGreevey/Codey 6.5% 2005 Codey 6.5% 2006 Corzine 6.9% 2007 Corzine 5.8% 2008 Corzine 4.9% 2009 Read More