The problem isn’t Phil Murphy’s money but rather what he’ll do with ours

The problem isn’t how Murphy spends his own money. The problem is what he intends to do with ours.

We should celebrate the success that permits Phil Murphy to reside in a house the size of a county with a property tax bill about five times as high as the state’s average income. And if he wants to spend his money on politics, why should anyone complain? (although one might inquire: just imagine what Planned Parenthood could do with the tens of millions he’s spent enriching political consultants.)

No, the problem is that the taxes HE can afford (and he probably has high-priced lawyers and accountants ensuring that his own policies don’t hit him too hard) are unaffordable to people in the real world.

When average property tax bills consume about 1/5 the average person’s income, Phil Murphy can’t relate.

To him, the sums involved are rounding errors on his checkbook.

He simple doesn’t get it; to the 99%, the taxes he’s talking about are REAL MONEY.

There are few creatures more offensive than rich socialists. If he wants to lead by example, ala Andrew Carnegie, GREAT!! But perhaps because he doesn’t actually live in the real world, he simply can’t appreciate how catastrophic a 2% increase in property taxes is to most people.

Every time he bumps up our taxes, lots of people have to go without. And if he gets his way, LOTS of people are going to go without quite a bit.