Month: October 2017

O’SCANLON: Failing to extend the N.J. arbitration cap will cost police, firefighter jobs

If we’re going to be honest, as effective policy makers it’s incumbent upon us to do the hard work, master the facts and policy nuances before us, and present cogent proposals to the public and the legislature. This list of Read More

FINAL Legislative Race Ratings for N.J. Election 2017

Note: Our final round of legislative race ratings presumes (which is distinct from predicting, btw, so don’t get all hot-and-bothered by this) an 8-to-12 point Murphy victory statewide on November 7th. If the public polling is ultimately validated? And Read More

Two new polls show Guadagno down 16

Republican Kim Guadagno’s team insists that the public pollsters are wrong, Save Jerseyans, but the latest round of public polling is holding firm in predicting a decisive Guadagno defeat in next Tuesday’s New Jersey gubernatorial election. According to Emerson — Read More

The Manafort indictment has nothing to do with Trump. So now what? And who is Papadopoulos?

So the much-anticipated Manafort indictment (which I’ve read, and you can, too, by click here) pertains entirely to events before the Trump Presidency and Election 2016, Save Jerseyans. The charges are 100% contained to Manafort and business partner Richard Gates’s alleged money Read More