CARROLL: Sweeney’s new corporate surcharge will be paid by real people

By Michael Patrick Carroll

This is supposed to be a news story, not an op-ed. So, REPORT, don’t opine.

There is no way of knowing where revenue from a new tax will go; that’s just cover for leftist politicians to justify massive tax increases, when they know full well that there is no way – absent a constitutional amendment – to dedicate spending.

We’ve seen this repeatedly over the years, most infamously with McGreevey’s fraudulent “millionaires’ tax”.

He promised that every dime of the revenue would go to fund property tax rebates, a promise which didn’t even last as long as he did.

Any revenue raised as a result of a tax like this – which will NOT be paid by “corporations”; they don’t exist.

It WILL be paid “people”: owners, employees, and customers of the businesses in the form of lower profits, lower wages, and higher prices – will fall into the general fund, to be used as the majority votes.

As we have seen, “Democratic priorities” involve handouts, freebies, and giveaways, not truly vital programs, like Gateway.

Simply put, we don’t know how the Democrats will spend the money this year, let alone next.

We just know it will put NJ ever further into last place on the nation’s business climate ratings.

Government does not need more money; it needs to spend less, and prioritize better.