Former Bergen GOP Chairman echoes Murphy, compares Trump era to rise of Hitler

N.J. gubernatorial nominee Phil Murphy (D-Goldman Sachs) raised eyebrows when he compared President Donald Trump — and his supporters — to the Nazi Party on more than one occasion this election cycle. 

At least one New Jersey Republican appears to agree with him.

“The Republican Party is the party of Lincoln, Eisenhower and Reagan. It is time for all Republicans to stand up and condemn Trump and stop ‘beating around the bush.’  What America under Trump is going through now has similarities to Germany in the 1930’s,” declared former BCRO chairman Bob Yudin in a new op-ed published Monday.

“I fear for my country!” added Yudin.

After a string of unsuccessful electoral cycles and a deepening of intra-party divisions, Yudin was soundly defeated last year by former Assemblyman Paul DiGaetano for the Republican chairmanship in New Jersey’s most populous county. The appliance salesman and former Christie transition team member has nevertheless continued to troll his former opponent and publicly criticize the new leadership regime