Guadagno swats back Murphy over race-baiting b.s.

The campaign of Phil Murphy (D-Goldman Sachs) tried to get its candidate’s opponent, Kim Guadagno, to apologize for a GOP Assemblyman’s photo at a…. Hank Williams Jr. concert.

Silly season came early this year, Save Jerseyans.

Things have already gotten THIS stupid.

To her credit, the Lt. Governor refused to take the bait.

“It’s a shame that Phil Murphy would stoop so low to hide his support for raising taxes by over $1.3 billion by getting involved in divisive and horrendous identity politics. Carlos [Rendo] and I have condemned racism and bigotry in all forms, and Phil Murphy knows it,” said Guadagno in a Wednesday evening statement. “His desperate race-baiting attacks to stir up fake outrage are beneath all of us as New Jerseyans, who value diversity, equality and love for each other.” 

Murphy’s desire to distract is understandable; the limousine liberals’ candidate for governor still hasn’t explained how he will pay for $75 billion in NEW annual spending with a tax hike package that, optimistically, could fetch a littler over one billion.

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