Guadagno inaugurates fall air war with two new TV spots

With approximately seven weeks left to go before New Jerseyans head to the polls to select Chris Christie’s successor, Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno (R-N.J.) went up this week with two new television ads: one contrast and one “negative.”



Growing up, my family lived paycheck to paycheck.
We moved at least twelve times in twenty years as my father looked for work.
So I understand the struggles families face.

That’s why I will audit Trenton…
Because government wastes too much of your money.
With these savings, we’ll cut property taxes for working families by over $800 a year.

Phil Murphy has already said he will raise your taxes.
I’ll cut your taxes because New Jersey families deserve a break.


Narrator: Phil Murphy will raise property taxes, income taxes, sales taxes, and more.

NJTV’s Michael Aron: Are there other taxes you would raise to get the revenue necessary to keep your promises.

Phil Murphy: Yes. The answer is yes. It’s a ton of money.

Narrator: We can’t afford Phil Murphy.