Month: September 2017

CNN vs. Russia: The Battle We’ve All Been Waiting For

In a bizarre twist in the Russia-Trump collusion narrative, Russia’s media and communications regulator accused CNN International of violating Russian law, and CNN is fighting back. “CNN International routinely violates Russian legislation,” a spokesman for the Russian federal communications watchdog Read More

Robert Menendez, in Puerto Rico during break in corruption case, slams Trump for handling recovery

Sen. Robert Menendez took to Twitter Friday to slam the White House’s response to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria devastated the island. “Maria devastates Puerto Rico & WH doesn’t acknowledge crisis for 5 whole days, ….” Mr. Menendez tweeted, adding, Read More

Small-Business Advocate Endorses Thompson, Dancer and Clifton in LD 12

The NFIB/NJ PAC, the political arm of the National Federation of Independent Businesses in New Jersey, has endorsed Senator Sam Thompson, Assemblyman Ron Dancer and Assemblyman Rob Clifton for reelection in the 12th legislative district. “Your election is not only critical to Read More

N.J. Democrat Gubernatorial Nominee: “I’m biased” in support of illegal immigrants over crime victims

It’s one thing to be “soft” on illegal immigration. It’s another thing entirely to OPENLY declare, at a time when individuals in your own state have been victimized by illegal immigrants, that as governor you’d side with… the illegal immigrants. Read More

Ok, Phil: You were waiting for the arbitration impact report. It’s here. Take a stand!

Phil Murphy (D-Goldman Sachs) has said JACK about one of this year’s most consequential policy debates in Trenton: the impending December 31st “sunset” of the 2% cap on police and firefighter interest arbitration awards. I know… it doesn’t sound sexy. Read More

N.J. Supreme Court won’t hear Jersey City appeal of reval contract case

The breach-of-contract case centered around the aborted Jersey City property revaluation may finally be over, with the New Jersey Supreme Court declining last week to hear the city’s appeal of the $1 million judgment. The city’s request for the court’s Read More

N.J. can blame itself (and no one else) for any ugly Trump tax overhaul consequences

Well, the general framework of Donald Trump’s tax plan dropped on Wednesday afternoon, Save Jerseyans, and to borrow a Trumpian vocabulary favorite, it’s “yuge.” Assuming of course the hapless GOP can make some version of the plan to slash corporate Read More