LD26 Republicans warn against “reckless” Murphy tax increases

A brand new annual report titled Financial State of the States from the think tank ‘Truth in Accounting’ assigns an F grade to New Jersey.

You can guess why, Save Jerseyans….

Taxes which remain America’s most burdensome.

Jay Webber

On Thursday afternoon, two veteran N.J. GOP lawmakers seized upon the report’s release to highlight the likely negative impact of Democrat gubernatorial nominee’s proposed $1.3 billion tax hike proposal if, of course, he wins in November.

“The State’s average property tax bill stands at $8,549. Pledging higher taxes is unconscionable and an insult to the families we serve. Democrats have controlled the legislature for 16 years – a child in kindergarten then is now a college graduate. It’s time for action. Our constituents deserve to be represented by true fiscal conservatives who will stop the reckless spending of their hard-earned taxpayer dollars,” declared Senator Joe Pennacchio (R-26).

Murphy’s tax proposals are driven by major new spending promises including somewhere between $200 million and $400 million for free community college. In fact, Murphy’s new spending easily outstrips the potential revenue from his sizable tax hike plan., raising serious questions as to how he intends to pay for it all.

“Not one of my constituents has contacted me to complain that New Jersey’s taxes are too low. They tell me the opposite, and what everyone knows – our taxes are too high. That’s the fundamental issue in the campaign this year – if you think New Jersey needs higher taxes and more government spending, vote Democrat,” added his running mate, Assemblyman Jay Webber (R-26).