As allegations get uglier, Murphy plays word games with his Harvey Weinstein ties

Phil Murphy (D-Goldman Sachs) was put in the awkward position today of having to condemn disgraced (and fired) Hollywood producing titan Harvey Weinstein only several weeks after a meeting between the two liberals in which Murphy sought “an endorsement and fundraising help” from Weinstein.

“I have not received any contributions from Harvey Weinstein, and I call on all Democratic groups to immediately return any contributions they’ve received from him,” Murphy said in a statement following a Weinstein-themed attack launched by his Republican rival, Kim Guadagno. “There is no place in Democratic politics for this type of behavior and attitude towards women.”

Did anyone tell that to Bill Clinton, Phil?

Semantics, folks. Pure and simple.

Weinstein’s behavior was notorious in Democrat/Hollywood circles long before this week. The fact that Murphy didn’t take any money (yet) this cycle has less to do with principle and more, likely, to do with the fact that he’s taking matching funds and is therefore limited in what he can spend.

In any event, the Murphy-era DNC sure DID raise a ton of money from Weinstein.

In total: Harvey Weinstein donated $28,500 to the Democrat National Committee (DNC) between 2006 and 2009 during Murphy’s tenure as finance chair.

Dishonest? You best. And Guadagno says Murphy’s weak response to the scandal, coming on the same day that allegations of sexual assault were added to the rapidly-evolving Weinstein story, is telling and worth noting. I’m inclined to agree.

“Let’s be clear: Phil Murphy is a coward and a hypocrite. Despite accepting thousands in donations from Hollywood serial predator Harvey Weinstein while serving as finance chair for the DNC, and meeting with Weinstein in secret to discuss raising money for his campaign, Phil Murphy said absolutely nothing about Harvey Weinstein until it became an issue in the election and he was forced to by the press. New Jersey women deserve better than Phil Murphy,” declared Guadagno in a statement late Tuesday afternoon. 

Murphy is hardly the only New Jersey Democrat with deep Weinstein money ties.

The creepy movie mogul’s beneficiaries have included Cory Booker and the New Jersey Democrat State Committee. Booker made a show of donating the Weinstein cash this week. Let’s see who else follows suit and says ridiculous crap in the process.

Then, if all of these Democrats are now returning money raised/donated by career pervert Harvey Weinstein, will they also return money raised/donated by Bill Clinton? If not, I would LOVE to hear them explain the functional difference. In fact, I demand to hear it.