At the end of year one? Trump is winning over this skeptic.

I began 2017 as an unapologetic Trump skeptic, Save Jerseyans.

Since last January, this unlikeliest of all U.S. presidents has:

(1) Repealed the Obamacare mandate 
(2) Won the first major tax cut in three decades
(3) Slashed job-killing regulations
(4) Made corporate tax rates competitive globally again
(5) Stood up for our allies, including Israel
(6) Decimated ISIS
(7) Appointed a solid constitutionalist to the SCOTUS

The list goes on. I stopped at #7 to avoid a hand cramp.

Is he perfect? No way.

Does he drive me nuts with his ‘management’ style and some of those tweets? You bet.

Could he accomplish even more if he could check his ego? And adopt a little discipline?


But at the end of the day, folks, unless you’re a hardened partisan hack, RESULTS are what matter for the American people. This isn’t a beauty pageant or a beatification investigation.

No president – Republican or Democrat – has produced results like these in my lifetime, let alone in year one of the first term. The economy is responding accordingly.

I’m still not a Trumpie. I’ll continue to speak out when I believe he’s wrong. There is plenty of room for improvement.

I am nevertheless unapologetically happy with what this guy’s administration is getting done for the American people. If you’re not? Then you need to take a sustained break from television/social media, open up your mind, and seriously delve deeper into the remarkable list of accomplishments ^^^ posted above.

It’s historic.