New NJGOP chairman throws a punch, calls Murphy’s treasury pick “a disappointing indicator”


Newly-minted NJGOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt is taking the reins of a badly-damaged state party, Save Jerseyans, but on Wednesday, he did something that the party hadn’t done since Jay Webber left the post early in Chris Christie’s first term…

…throw a punch! At an actual Democrat.

“The nomination of Assemblywoman Liz Muoio is a disappointing indicator for the direction of the Murphy Administration. Muoio is a long time Trenton insider and pension double dipper who recently received an illegal taxpayer raise in her position as Mercer County’s Economic Development and Sustainability Director,” said Steinhardt in a statement after Murphy announced the Mercer Democrat as his pick for state treasurer. “While Muoio has served in various insider government positions since 2001, Mercer County taxes have gone up by more than $70 million. That the Governor-elect views her nomination as a “return to the state that we once were, not so many years ago – fiscally responsible, honest, respected, and trusted, while standing for all the right things,” reflects just how out of touch Phil Murphy is with what ails New Jersey. Given her record, Liz Muoio is not the right person to stand watch over New Jersey’s fiscal future as the State’s Treasurer.”

Steinhardt’s broadside echos Save Jersey Blogger-in-Chief Matt Rooney’s comments early Wednesday in which Matt noted Muoio’s strong history of support of public sector union bosses who share culpability for bankrupting the state pension system.

“It’s entirely unclear to me how a ho hum Leftist with an extensive public sector resume can be counted upon to bring fresh ideas and thinking to the table at a time when our pension system is America’s least stable? And her boss, the incoming governor, needs to find a way to finance $75 billion in campaign promises within the confines of a $35 billion budget framework held together by scotch tape? ” said Rooney.

Chairman Steinhardt, a partner at a politically-powerful N.J. law firm, was installed as state party chairman at the start of the holiday season after the position, promised to him back in June, was unceremoniously withdrawn after a round of party infighting.

The task in front of him his titanic in scope. Governor Chris Christie allowed the New Jersey GOP to atrophy, using the actual NJGOP institution as an ATM of sorts for his national presidential aspirations and leaving precious little behind upon which to build for the future.

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