Murphy and Gottheimer’s charity tax deduction idea is both lazy and stupid

Governor-elect Phil Murphy and his Democrat allies — including Josh Gottheimer (D, NJ-05) — have latched onto every possible hairbrained response to GOP federal tax reform, and the new $10,000 cap on SALT deductions, EXCEPT the most logical reaction: lowering New Jersey’s property tax burden.

Their latest scheme was unveiled at a Friday press availability:

The IRS will NEVER allow people to make “charitable contributions” to the state in exchange for tax credits.

Not happening.

Gottheimer and Murphy know it and are too smart to be saying things that are this stupid. 

In fact, if this is the level of “seriousness” we’re going to get from the Murphy Administration which takes control on January 16th?

Forget missing Chris Christie; you’re going to miss Jon Corzine!

Lower my taxes, dammit, so a SALT deduction cap of $10,000 is all I’ll need. This isn’t complicated.