VIDEO: Murphy marches in Morristown, compares Trump to Lord Voldemort

Surprising? Hardly, but today’s Morristown Women’s March quickly mutated into a giant NJ-11 Democrat rally, Save Jerseyans, as scores of far-left activists heard from leading Democrat coalition leaders and collectively failed to articulate any coherent policy agenda other than beating Republicans ahead of the 2018 midterm elections.

But, as we all know, substance isn’t always a prerequisite of victory. Go ahead and compare the raw fire we saw today at the Morristown Women’s March to the language of capitulation we’re hearing from NJGOP leaders since Murphy took office and yeah, it’s safe to expect very good cycles for N.J. Democrats in 2018, 2019 and beyond.

Bold colors > pale pastels.

Rodney Frelinghuysen (whose likely Democrat opponent was well represented by legions of supporters today) should be concerned, as should other Morris County Republicans who almost without exception saw their margins of victory dip — or disappear altogether as was the case in the Parsippany local race – in the 2017 cycle. More on that in another post…

Meanwhile, New Jersey’s First Lady Tammy Murphy made the biggest impression of the day by revealing to the crowd a personal story of alleged sexual assault from her college days. Those present were impressed not just by her willingness to make the revelation but also her well-known oratorical skills. 

Unfortunately, her husband the Governor’s remarks carried a more partisan tinge, talking to a smaller audience about “he who shall not be named,” an expression which he aimed at President Trump but which popularly refers to chief antagonist Lord Voldemort of the Harry Potter literary and movie universe (note: Murphy has repeatedly referred to Trump and  his supporters as Nazis)…