Local N.J. official: Maryland shooting outcome underscores need for police in our schools

By Matt Rooney
Abraham Lopez

A school shooting suspect is dead — and two are injured — after an incident early this morning at a Maryland high school.

What’s the difference between two injured (Maryland’s Great Mills High School) and 17 dead (Parkland, Florida)?

Today, a brave “resource officer took action to end the threat” (per the local ABC affiliate).

Gun control doesn’t make a difference, Save Jerseyans. Virtue signaling on social media doesn’t make a difference.

Good people, trained on and armed with guns, make a difference. They are the ONLY thing standing between evil and the defenseless.

My good friend Abraham Lopez, a committeeman in the Burlington County (South Jersey) suburb of Westampton, is leading the push to add police officers to every public school in his region

He believes an averted large-scale disaster in Maryland is proof enough that his approach to school safety is critically important for New Jersey teachers and students.

“There are far too many of our friends, neighbors and leaders focusing on the problem while ignoring some practical and common sense solutions that are available to us NOW,” Abe told me when I touched base with him on Tuesday afternoon. “Any law enforcement official and or emergency preparedness professional will concede that the smaller the window available to those who would cause harm to our children, the more lives will be spared. Today’s heroic actions by the fully trained and vetted school resource officer only confirms the need to implement said programs statewide, and fast. The program not only helps reduce the window of opportunity for the shooter, but also officers us an amazing opportunity to build life lasting bridges between our young ones and their local police department.”

“Folks in doubt need not look further than Westampton Township to see what an impact community policing can have in the life of a child,” he added. “I too say #NeverAgain. My question is why are we ignoring the solution?”