An Open Letter to the Next Chair of the BCRO

Dear Future Chair,

My name is Alex Cucciniello; I am 20 year old resident of Mahwah, a former White House Intern, the Executive Director of the Organization For Economic Growth and a proud Republican. This past election I had the job of running the 2017 Senate and Assembly race in LD38 for the Bergen County Republican slate. After returning from my small tenure in the White House Office of Political Affairs, I was ready to bring the knowledge and will power needed to take back the LD38 seats from the grips of the special interest entrenched Democrats.

What I came to find upon my return home was a county organization in absolute disarray. With some help from municipal chairs, county committee and local elected mayors and council; myself, my partner Mike and the three candidates fundraised, put out signs, mailers and walked the whole district all on our own.

Five people, against an absolute Democratic machine? We stood no chance. Long gone are the days of Republican control in Bergen County; long gone are the days when we need a mausoleum of a building in Hackensack (that costs at least $4,000 a month); it is time to bring the organization into the 21st century and compete to win against the Democrats.

This is for the next Chair: I, along with many other Republicans, have a few requests.

Number one, shut down that disgusting money pit of a building we call headquarters. There is no need to have it. It’s a total waste of money, hard to get to, and far too much space since we often have poor attendance at events and other meetings. Maybe save that $4,000 and invest it in desperately needed research that can be used for this amazing thing called “messaging.”

That brings me to my second point: messaging is the only way to gain a base, volunteers and money. Take a position on something and get it out there. Get it to the press, get it on your social media, just get it out there to the Republicans who reside in Bergen County. With messaging and earned media comes volunteers, comes a following, comes attendance to fundraisers.

My third point: fundraise. The Chair must put a team and a plan together to be able to help fund local races, county races and legislative races.

Last but not least, and this should go without saying: be a leader. Please, for our parties’ sake, be an active leader, know what is going on in the towns, and lead and give direction to county committee and municipal chairs. Be relevant! You may be Chair in name but actions speak much louder than words.

All of this is easier said than done but, if you are not up to this and do not expect to get this done, I suggest after reading this you should reconsider running for the position.

We’re in the Murphy era. It is more important than ever to have a robust and functioning county organization to fight to keep New Jersey affordable and livable. 

I call upon any person  reading this, whether you are 14 or 65, to get up and do something about it. I can only hope to do my part to help rebuild the BCRO. It’s up to all of us to make our county and party what we want it to be, and what it needs to be, for not only us but future generations of New Jerseyans.


Alex Cucciniello