Brizzi aims to catalyze GOP comeback in East Rutherford

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. – In a Facebook live video this afternoon, former seven-term East Rutherford Councilman Joel Brizzi announced he was seeking a return to office.

Brizzi, who was swept out in the 2016 wave election, is one of the longest serving Republican officials in Bergen County history. He remains extremely popular in the borough which is home to Giants Stadium and the “American Dream” project.

A frequent critic of the Democratic majority led by Republican-turned-Democrat Councilman Ed Ravettine, Brizzi is seeking to stop the bleeding in a town which has seen dramatic increases in taxes in the few years since Democrats have seized control.

Prior to Brizzi’s defeat, Republicans hold the council in East Rutherford for over two decades. 

Brizzi was the strongest possible candidate East Rutherford Republicans had to field, and his entrance signals Republicans are serious about competing in South Bergen in 2018.

Posted by Joel Brizzi on Monday, April 2, 2018