CORY GOES COMMUNIST? Booker introduces bill to ‘guarantee’ employment

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Leapfrogging from liberalism to socialism to full-on communism in pursuit of the Democrats’ 2020 presidential nomination, U.S. Senator Cory Booker (D-Twitter) announced federal legislation on Monday to ‘guarantee’ employment in 15 employment-challenged United State regions.

Booker’s three-year pilot program — the Federal Jobs Guarantee Development Act — would direct the Department of Labor to award grants to the designated areas in order to provide universal employment, for jobs paying a minimum of $15 per hour, accompanied by health coverage and paid both family and sick leave.

All of it, of course, will be financed by the U.S. taxpayer.

The former Newark Mayor’s 2012 defense of venture capitalism now seems like ancient history.

While Booker’s proposal does not stand much of a chance with a Republican Congress, it’s hypothetical enactment would signal a radical shift in the government’s intervention in the U.S. economy unseen since the Great Depression.

“If Cory Booker was really interested in creating jobs for his constituents, he would work on a plan to make New Jersey more attractive to job creators.  Instead of spending millions more in government subsidies to increase government’s payroll, we need to be using our already scarce, economic resources to spur private sector investment and create private sector jobs,” said N.J. GOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt:

Fact is, more government subsidies and mandated wages mean higher taxes and  a greater burden for America’s already struggling working and middle classes. This proposal will kill small business and perpetuate the misconception that bigger government is a solution.  It isn’t.  It’s the problem.

Just last week, NJ lost over 100 jobs when Gerber Foods was forced to relocate to Virginia. Spending proposals like Booker’s “Federal Jobs Guarantee Development Act” is no different than the liberal insanity coming out of Phil Murphy’s Trenton. This will all but ensure the continued exodus of value added private industry as they slowly but surely erode and New Jersey’s unemployment rate will continue to lag behind the rest of the country.  We simply can’t afford it.”

Booker’s latest pitch sounds like something Marx would love, but the pop culture-obsessed politician may have gotten his inspiration from a more contemporary figure.

On the popular House of Cards political drama, the fictional character President Frank Underwood campaigns for a job guarantee program, named “America Works,” funded by raiding FEMA funding.