Op-Ed: A Vaccine Mandate Is Legislating Like A Communist

Op-Ed: A Vaccine Mandate Is Legislating Like A Communist

By Ileana Schirmer

Assemblywoman Pamela Lampitt of Camden County is sponsoring legislation (A1847) which mandates human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccinations for all New Jersey students in grades six through twelve.

Having fled communist Cuba, I have a big issue with big government mandating drug injections into my children’s bodies.

I reached out to Ms. Lampitt’s office numerous times to discuss this legislation, speaking with her chief of staff and asking Ms. Lampitt to return my calls so we can discuss this bill.

To date, she has not returned my calls.

You may be curious as to what Ms. Lampitt’s motive is behind this legislation. Is it solely for the “health and wellbeing” of our children?

Yeah right. One may not look further than to her ELEC reports to counter this claim. Ms. Lampitt is in the pockets of pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies, and major health industries. These special interest groups are contributors to her political campaign:


In typical New Jersey fashion, this comes full circle. Gardasil is the HPV vaccine. The manufacture of Gardasil is Merck. So who happens to be a key contributor to Ms. Lampitt’s 2017 reelection campaign? Merck.

Ms. Lampitt is playing greedy, selfish politics. How much money will Merck profit if this drug is mandated to be injected into every child from sixth through twelfth grade? How much money will Ms. Lampitt receive from Merck if this legislation is signed into law? As a parent, I am infuriated. Ms. Lampitt doesn’t even have the courage to return my phone calls.

Is this not a conflict of interest? After learning the facts, I have to speak out.

As a mother of two children, decisions regarding their health are made by myself, my husband, and our doctor, not New Jersey politicians. My children have received their required immunizations, as I believe children should have. Outside of those immunizations, our legislators need to mind their own business when it comes to my children’s medical decisions.

Who knows what is best for your child – parents or big government?

In the 1970s, my parents escaped Cuba to flee Fidel Castro’s brutal dictatorship. His Marxist-Leninist one-party republic sought ultimate control over each and every aspect of our lives. A vaccine mandate is big government socialism. Dealing with such onerous regulations in the land of the free was not part of the America my family dreamed of.

New Jersey parents and children deserve better, much better! I strongly encourage parents to contact Ms. Lampitt’s office, (856) 435-1247. Demand a return phone call.