POLL: N.J. is lukewarm on Murphy (but they’re also not paying attention to him)

WEST LONG BRANCH, N.J. — Democrat Governor Phil Murphy’s polling position could be a lot worse, Save Jerseyans, but the results of a poll released Wednesday suggest there’s room for both improvement as well as electoral danger.

The numbers: 44% approve of Murphy’s job performance while 28% disapprove.

28% have no opinion. 

There’s a partisan split among Democrats (65% to 7%), Republicans (17% to 59%) and independents (41% to 33%).

In April 2010? Chris Christie’s approval rating was net negative at 41% to 44%. Similarly, Jon Corzine was slightly upside down at 34% to 37% in April 2006.

Why? “Perhaps one reason why Murphy’s overall job rating is so positive is because fewer New Jerseyans are paying attention to this new governor than in the past,” said Patrick Murray, the director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute. “It’s worth noting that turnout in last year’s election was a record low and Monmouth’s polling found that most voters couldn’t say whether Murphy’s views were in line with the state. It’s not clear how much more they know now.”

38% don’t know enough or have no opinion concerning Murphy’s recently unveiled inaugural budget which includes dramatic spending and tax increases; 13% and 30%, respectively, said the same of Christie’s and Corzine’s budgets.

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