Conlon ready for another primary battle in West Milford

WEST MILFORD, N.J. — As the 2018 primary season heats up, one municipal chairperson is nothing less than a seasoned veteran, Save Jerseyans. 

That’s probably a good thing for Republicans because his town falls right smack in the hotly contested race in the 5th Congressional District.

Between now and June? West Milford Republican Chairman Matt Conlon, 26, and his team are gearing up for yet another primary battle. 

“We have primaries every year in West Milford,” said Conlon, who is completing his third year as Chairman of the overwhelmingly Republican town. “So, we are used to running them and have had a very strong track record of success.”

Conlon is supporting current Council President Tim Wagner and Greenwood Lake Commission Co-Chairman Paul Zarrillo, who are squaring off against two former councilwomen, Ada Erik and Marylin Lichtenberg. 

Both women are running just a year after losing their seats to Conlon-backed newcomers Andrena “Andie” Pegel and Tricia M. Gerst.  Conlon’s West Milford Republican Organization is also facing a whole county committee slate against his, put up by frequent candidate Steve Longean in response to Conlon and the Passaic County Regular Republican Organization not giving him the county line in CD5 (John McCann got the line).

When asked if he has any concerns about the opposing slate, Conlon didn’t hedge.

“No. Our coalition of forward thinking Republicans is trying to prevent West Milford from reverting back to a 1968 mentality while still facing 2018’s challenges – and property tax rates.”