NJ-03: Kim chickens out, ducks joint appearance with MacArthur

TOMS RIVER, N.J. — Presumptive NJ-03 Democrat nominee Andy Kim used to talk a big game when it came to his Republican adversary. 

If Tom McArthur has a question for me, I’m happy to have a debate with him anytime, anywhere,” Kim puffed on May 17th at an event in Seaside Park, New Jersey.

Now, it seems, Kim isn’t so sure he’s ready for a confrontation.

According to the MacArthur campaign, Kim is refusing to agree to a joint appearance with the GOP Congressman on Michael Aron’s NJTV “On the Record” program next Friday.

Instead? Kim’s camp reportedly agreed to separate appearances — at the same time — in the same studio.

The two-term GOP federal legislator says it’s the latest indicator that Kim isn’t ready to serve in high office. 

“Andy Kim is the epitome of a DCCC-created candidate, manufactured behind closed doors and shipped up from Washington, D.C. to run for Congress,” said MacArthur.  “By ducking this joint appearance, Andy Kim proves what I have been saying all along – he is not capable of standing on his own two feet and debating the important issues facing South Jersey and our country.”

It’s been a rough roll-up to the general election for Kim; in recent weeks, he’s come under fire for not just his participation in a D.C. property tax program while residing in New Jersey but also embellishing his national security resume.

MacArthur’s seat is currently rated “Lean Republican” by the Cook Political Report.