Cowardly Phil cancels radio call-in gig to escape tough school funding question

By Matt Rooney

Say what you want about Chris Christie, Save Jerseyans, but this wasn’t his style:

The “Ask Governor Murphy” program was supposed to go on the air at 8 p.m. during WNYC’s Thursday night line-up in addition to over on WHYY and WBGO.

WYNC’s statement explained in a statement to the press that the cancellation, coming in the middle of a $37.4 billion budget battle between Murphy and his own party’s legislators largely over school funding, was “due to Gov. Murphy’s decision to withdraw.”

That decision was apparently catalyzed by WNYC’s understandable desire to let a well-known education reporter ask Murphy… wait for it… an education question:

The Governor’s press secretary went into damage control mode:

Pathetic, Save Jerseyans.

Our Governor is in over his head. If that wasn’t clear already? It is now.

Goldman Sachs is one again proving to be a less-than-ideal incubator for real world leadership!