Fulop: “I used to smoke tons of weed”

JERSEY CITY, N.J. — Phil Murphy wants to legalize marijuana in the Garden State, but he gave a non-answer on Wednesday when questioned by reporters as to whether he’d ever smoked pot.

The Democrat Governor’s lack of forthrightness seemed to irk a North Jersey Democrat mayor and would-be contender for the top job in his own right: Jersey City’s Steven Fulop…

“I don’t understand why politicians are always so cagey on this. It is what it is + you are who you are – no big deal. 1) I’m for legalization 2) social justice is important to me as well 3) I used to smoke tons of weed (ok maybe not tons since we are talking about quantities),” tweeted Fulop who endorsed Murphy in last year’s primary.

Sidelined by missteps at home and in statewide political circles, Fulop subsequently won reelection in 2017 after aborting his gubernatorial ambitions at least for the time being.