NJ-11: Barlas says joint Morris GOP-Webber event is hypocritical for line-less organization

Webber (left) and Barlas (right)

CEDAR GROVE, N.J. –– Essex County Republican Chairman Al Barlas makes no secret of his support of NJ-11 candidate Tony Ghee. He’s been the prime behind-the-scenes force behind Ghee’s candidacy.

He’s also made no secret of the fact that he thinks Morris County Republicans — with whom he shares a piece of NJ-11 — are foolish for not having a county “line” to avoid chaos come primary time.

So it’s not surprising that Barlas perceived hypocrisy on Thursday reacting to a formal Election Night event co-hosted by the Morris GOP and Ghee’s primary rival Jay Webber.

“By putting out an email for a joint event on Primary night, why continue the farce of ‘we don’t need a line because we believe in open primaries and not endorsing any particular candidate?’” Barlas told Save Jersey. “I’ve been saying for years that if Morris had a line, they’d have a lot more power and influence – as an organization. Why continue to talk out of both sides of your mouth? Go all in. Put a line in place, join the 21st Century.”

Barlas’s Essex and his allies in Passaic have both endorsed Ghee.