OP-ED: Robert DeNiro, Bill Maher, and Bonnie Watson Coleman Don’t Speak for America

OP-ED: Robert DeNiro, Bill Maher, and Bonnie Watson Coleman Don’t Speak for America

By Daryl Kipnis

The unhinged and desperate hatred displayed by apoplectic Hollywood elites like Bill Maher and Robert DeNiro in the face of the historic foreign and domestic policy accomplishments of President Donald J. Trump and the Republican leadership in Washington, D.C. demonstrate that the Democrats’ fantasies of a “Blue Wave” in the coming midterm election have evaporated.

While Mr. DeNiro elicited cheers from members of his insular sociopolitical echo chamber as a result of cheap vulgarity leveled against the President, even more troubling is Mr. Maher openly rooting for the failure of America’s economy – and the misery of its people – so long as it means that his team gets to hold all the marbles.

“Sorry if it hurts anyone,” he says. To say nothing else, the last recession was linked to more than 10,000 suicides across North America and Europe. He should apologize right now.

Thankfully, Maher and DeNiro are entertainers, not elected officials who vote on matters of policy affecting my 3 children. However, my Democrat opponent IS responsible for voting on policies affecting children across the country. While our nation has secured a commitment from Kim Jong Un to proceed towards historic peace and denuclearization in the Korean Peninsula, and is enjoying unprecedented economic successes at home, my Democrat opponent not only refuses to publicly acknowledge these achievements, but is bragging on social media that she is suing the President.

In the name of furthering her own political agenda, in just this year alone, she has inexcusably voted against fixing NICS background checks for firearm purchases and improved school security in the aftermath of devastating school shootings, funding for women’s healthcare, the right of the terminally ill to try experimental medical treatments, medical freedom for veterans outside of the failing Veterans Administration, and more money in the pockets of American working families, all of which became law no thanks to her.

She has not only demonstrated that she approves of the pathological attitudes of Mr. Maher and Mr. DeNiro towards anyone who disagrees with them, but, far more dangerously, she is also unable and unwilling to work with anyone with different views from her in Congress to get things done for the people of New Jersey and across the country.

She must be defeated in November because #NJ12 can no longer afford to have a member of Congress who puts politics over people. I will work to ensure that all New Jerseyans share in the successes of our great nation.