What budget crisis? Murphy Administration employees spend big money on redecorating (EXCLUSIVE)

What budget crisis? Murphy Administration employees spend big money on redecorating (EXCLUSIVE)

By Matt Rooney

And you thought Tammy Murphy’s $13,000 door was the whole story?

Think again, Save Jerseyans. These are limousine liberals; YOU work to pay for their lifestyles!

The First Lady’s spending may have been a part of a pattern.

Our friends at America Rising recently filed Open Public Records Act (OPRA) requests and discovered all sorts of interesting expenditures pertaining to Murphy Administration employees redecorating their offices with taxpayer money.

They weren’t shopping at IKEA, either.

Here are some of the more notable expenditures revealed in those produced documents, shared exclusively with Save Jersey:

  • Over at the Department of Children and Families on May 1, 2018, a “high priority” expenditure was made to repaint the new Commissioner’s office walls at a cost of $454.95 (not including labor) so that the walls would “not look appropriate.”


  • Not to be outdone, the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs spent $1,437.50 in February 2018 for carpet and upholstery cleaning. You could probably eat off them now!


  • That same month, the Department of Environmental Protection spent $555.22 on a Herman Miller office chair for the Administrator.


  • Chairs are popular. One of everyone’s favorite governmental subdivisions — the Motor Vehicle Commission — spent $406.99 on an office chair and another $450.56 on a 50” television for a Deputy Executive Administrator… because what good is a comfy chair if you don’t have a great television to watch when you’re sitting in it?

A little context makes it all the worse.

These latest extravagances preceded what looks like a (likely) government shutdown this weekend engendered by Murphy and legislative Democrats’ inability to agree on a budget; they’re not arguing over reforms or cuts, of course; Democrats are arguing with one another over which taxes to raise.

After all, those chairs, televisions, and fresh paint jobs aren’t going to pay for themselves!

Anticipating retorts from our liberal readers: yes, I get it. Fancy doors and chairs are a drop in the bucket.

What it this snapshot of information reveals is the troubling ATTITUDE of the people who are in charge of spending our money, an attitude which obviously carries over into the mishandling of bigger, higher ticket items like… pensions. People who don’t care about wasting your money on an unnecessarily expensive chair aren’t the best people to safeguard our hard-earned monies, and that attitude starts at the top. Right, Tammy?