HYPOCRITE: After trashing Kavanaugh, Booker says it’s time “to stop the bulls**t partisanship”

By Matt Rooney

Life is complicated when you’ll do (or say) anything to get ahead and move  up the ladder, Save Jerseyans.

On Monday night? Cory Booker (D-Twitter) was on MSNBC trashing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh as an alleged threat to American democracy; this is the same Kavanaugh, by the way, who was feeding the homeless without fanfare mere hours after the announcement of his nomination, something Cory Booker would’ve never done without tweeting through each and every course.

By Wednesday? Booker sang a very different tune at the Summit on the Economy.

“Our grandparents showed us how to build a great economy. They were out training this generation of Americans, they were out investing in infrastructure this generation of Americans, they were out R&Ding this generation of Americans,” Booker declared. “We need to stop the bullshit partisanship in this country. We really do.”

You can check out the video posted by NTK Network. 

He’s faker than $3 bill, folks. Not that you didn’t know already.