MILLENNIAL MINUTE: Who would N.J. Democrats’ water tax really help?

By Katie Cericola

There are only two things humans truly need to survive: water and air.

The Democrats have not yet *fingers crossed* figured out to tax air, but they are now targeting water. That’s right, Democrats are literally going to tax water. Well, they aren’t calling it a tax, its being labeled a “user fee” but we all know what that means.

According to the plan by Senator Bob Smith, Democrats would add a tax per gallon that would amount to around $32 a year for the average household. The tax is supposedly going to upgrade the water supply, but we all know it will simply be shifted to pay for more Democratic patronage.

Not considered in this proposal? Reasons why the water system is crumbling or how to more effectively manage it. Nothing concrete about the costs of repairs and how to maintain them. But why would they worry about this? Creating a tax is so much easier!

If death and taxes are only the things only certain, New Jersey Democrats and their water tax are ensuring that if you want to avoid taxes, you will die.