AFP-NJ backs pot legalization

TRENTON, N.J. – Americans for Prosperity – New Jersey (AFP-NJ) is lending support to S- 2703, the New Jersey Marijuana Legalization Act which, if adopted, would legalize recreational marijuana in New Jersey for anyone 21-and-up and which would establish the ‘Division of Marijuana Enforcement’ along with a corresponding licensing regime.

“For too long, New Jerseyans have had their lives upended due to non-violent offenses like the recreational use of marijuana,” said Erica Jedynak, the State Director of Americans for Prosperity – New Jersey, on Tuesday. “In partnership with the Reason Foundation’s Drug Policy Project, we encourage lawmakers to follow the policy principles outlined for a successful and well-regulated marijuana market. These principles will help our state exercise its constitutional right to create a safely regulated marijuana market that spares generations of New Jerseyans from getting trapped in an endless and senseless cycle of incarceration. While S-2703 is not perfect in its current form, it makes good strides toward reshaping our criminal justice system and bringing it into the 21st century. Eventually, AFP-NJ hopes that a fully-realized effort to legalize recreational marijuana enhances public safety, provides second chances, and is free of cronyism and overregulation.”

Democrat run all branches of state government, and they’re reportedly actively debating how (and how much) to tax pot.