If Ford is right about Kavanaugh? Then the Dems have treated her reprehensibly. | Rooney

By Matt Rooney

Let’s assume (for the sake of argument) that Ms. Ford was assaulted by Judge Kavanaugh approximately 35-years ago, Save Jerseyans. There isn’t nearly enough evidence to conclude that at this juncture, and I’m dubious as to whether there ever will be enough evidence, but let’s play pretend for a moment.

What we should all be asking ourselves ahead of next week’s hearing:

Why did Senator Feinstein wait three months to say anything?

She could’ve confronted Kavanaugh in private. She could’ve brought it up in the public hearings, too.

She might’ve derailed this nomination weeks ago. Strangled it in its proverbial crib. 

She didn’t.


For the sake of maximum political effect, immediately before the midterms.

It’s the only logical conclusion, and if Ms. Ford IS in fact a victim of sexual violence, then forcing her into a role in this nationally-televised, hyper-partisan drama (one which even Ruth Bader Ginsburg has criticized) is more than a bit cold/cruel/unfeeling when it might’ve been avoided.

Assuming, of course, Democrats really DO believe her allegations and aren’t simply trying a last-ditch effort to avoid confirmation.

If they don’t? They’re liars of the worst variety, working to divide us at a time when we certainly don’t need any more national acrimony while simultaneously ignoring the very serious allegations facing the chairman of the DNC.

If they do? They’re treating someone they believe to be a sexual assault victim like a pawn to win House seats regardless of the impact on this self-admittedly fragile woman’s psyche.

So yeah, in my humble opinion, this angle isn’t getting nearly enough attention, and I suspect you all are smart enough to figure out why, Save Jerseyans.

It’s something to keep in mind the next time a Democrat troll on Twitter or Facebook excoriates you bringing up facts instead of simply believing this story.