As Kavanaugh battle rages, AFP-NJ wages post-Janus union opt-out campaign

TRENTON, NJ – As Americans returned to work and school after the Labor Day holiday, the Americans for Prosperity Foundation doubled down on its ‘My Pay My Say’ national campaign which helps public union members learn how to opt out of paying union dues in the wake of this summer’s landmark Janus v. AFSCME decision.

Americans for Prosperity Foundation – New Jersey State (AFPF-NJ) targeted teachers’ mailboxes and radios ahead of Monday’s confirmation hearing for Brett Kavanaugh, President Donald Trump’s latest conservative U.S. Supreme Court nominee.

“Americans for Prosperity Foundation is thrilled to partner with the Mackinac Center’s national My Pay My Say project to educate government union workers about their newfound rights after the Janus decision,” said AFP-NJ Director Erica Jedynak. “This week, we sent mail with sample opt-out forms to tens of thousands of teachers across the Garden State. Our new radio ad on NJ 101.5 highlights where workers can go to learn more about opting out and get support in doing so.”

In its first week, the campaign secured 1,000 union members’ decision to “opt out.”

“The My Pay My Say campaign continues in our commitment to ensure that all public employees are empowered with information about their First Amendment rights to decide whether to continue paying a government union,’ added Mackinac Center’s spokesperson Lindsay Killen. “Teachers, firefighters and other civil servants are our family members, friends, and neighbors, and deserve our ongoing support as they explore the options that are best for themselves and their families. If our government officials, union leaders, or employers will not inform public employees of their constitutional rights, My Pay My Say will stand in the gap until every employee has these rights recognized and respected.”