N.J. Senator pushes styrofoam ban while drinking from a styrofoam cup

By Matt Rooney

State Senator Bob Smith (D-Middlesex) proposed a law to ban single-use plastic bags, Save Jerseyans, one which got a hearing at this morning’s Senate Environment and Solid Waste Committee session. Governor Murphy already vetoed the tax approach already, not because he’s anti-tax (we know better) but because his green special interests prefer the full ban.

Senate Bill 2776 (approved 4-1) prevents New Jersey shops and restaurants from selling OR distributing plastic bags, Styrofoam containers of any kind, or even those pesky plastic straws. Paper bags will be taxed at 10-cents a piece. 

“It requires New Jersey citizens to change their lifestyle,” Smith said. “When you go get your groceries, you’re going to be bringing your reusable bags.

God knows what any of these politician really believe. Exhibit A: Senator Smith participated in today’s proceedings while drinking from a…. styrofoam cup.

I don’t pretend to be an expert on environmentalism, Senator, but I’m pretty sure you’re doing it wrong.

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