Trump pollster Geller: ‘Dead heat’ FDU poll was still overweighted in Menendez’s favor

Adam Geller (via Facebook)

TRENTON, N.J. — As close as it is already?

The U.S. Senate campaign of Republican Bob Hugin says Wednesday’s FDU poll — showing its candidate in a statistical dead heat with disgraced incumbent Democrat Bob Menendez — is even closer than the university’s results report.

“According to the Office of the Secretary of State, there are 15 percent more registered Democrats than Republicans in New Jersey,” the Hugin camp asserted in a press release. “The FDU poll is Democrat +20, making it 5 points too high for Democrats. This overweighting of Democrats is responsible for the modest Menendez lead in this poll ─ a lead that FDU points out is still within the margin of error and therefore a statistical tie.”

“Being six points down in a poll that is five points too heavy on Democrats tells us exactly what we knew yesterday ─ the race is a dead heat,” added Hugin pollster Adam Geller who is well-known for his past work on the Christie and Trump campaigns.

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